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27 Jun 2018

Maintenance Mode in SharePoint Online and Modern pages

Turns out, if you append ?maintenancemode=true of your SharePoint page you will see a special maintenance view:

On your page, you will see a summary of data from the Manifest and Data tabs. The summary information includes:
The name of the web part
The unique ID of the web part
Instance Id
The ID of a specific instance of a web part (that is, if you have two more of the same web parts on a page, they will each have the same web part ID, but a different instance ID.
Indicates whether the web part was made by Microsoft or a third party. If True, it is made by Microsoft. If False, it is made by a third party.
The version number of the web part.
Environment: Indicates the SharePoint environment in use.
  • 0 = Test environment
  • 1 = Local Workbench
  • 2 = SharePoint
  • 3 = Classic SharePoint
A string that contains information about the device and software in use (such as browser type and version).

Microsoft article "Open and use the web part maintenance page"

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