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21 Nov 2012

Creating Feature with Documents Library, Folders and Documents it It


Create a SharePoint 2010 feature that does the following:
  • Creates a library instance 
  • Adds several folders to this library
  • Adds some images to the folders


  • SharePoint 2010
  • Visual Studio 2012

Easy Guide

1. Create the list based on Document Library 

2. Remove unneeded content types or fields from Schema.xml. You can leave it as it is!

3. Add image file to the list instance. Set Deployment Type to "ElementFile".

4. Open Elements.xml.
a. To create folders and subfolders in your document library add <Module> tags as shown below.
Lists/Banners - is our document library URL.
BigBanner - is our folder name
b. To add documents to the folders in your document library add <Module> with <File> tag in it.



Other good examples

Adding Documents in document library with feature

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19 Nov 2012

SharePoint Metro Sliders



  • Metro stlyle look
  • Clickable images
  • Adjust web part size!
  • Four sliders on one web part!
  • Asynchronous load using REST does not slow down your page!

Next version info

I'm currently working to add these features:
  • Creating image library on feature activation
  • Adding default images to the image library on feature activation
  • Localization for English and Russian languages


I express my gratidue to the Css Globe authors of the "Easy Slider 17 Numeric Navigation jQuery Slider". I have taken advantage of your jQuery library in the current project.