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28 Apr 2013

SharePoint 2013. New JSLink property for SPField

This is a side note about the use of JSLink property in SPFields. I intend to use this later in my projects. Here are 2 simple steps.

1.Create and deploy JS Field with the script that looks like this:

2. Change the new JSLink property for you SPField like is show on the screenshot. Note that it may be even built-in field.

The result should look like this. I've added a simple "refresh" image inside the field as a test.

For more info you could check this nice article SP 2013: Using the JSLink property to change the way your field or views are rendered in SharePoint 2013

4 Apr 2013

Highlight Current Quick Launch Menu Item

1. Add a start-up script on your page
$(function () {
    $(".s4-ql li.selected").parents("li.static").find(":first-child").first().addClass("selected-menu-item");

2. Take advantage of the added CSS class to highlight current menu item:

.s4-ql UL.root a.selected-menu-item {
    background-color: rgb(0,153,0);

Example of the highlighted menu item:

3 Apr 2013

SharePoint 2010 CSS Chart

On on the Marc's SharePoint Notes I've found a very informative table that looks like this:

.ms-cui-cg-gr .ms-cui-tt-a:hover{





For the full table check the link above.

It's pretty self-explanatory, I think.